Iqbal Hamza

Iqbal Hamza
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Iqbal Hamza
University of Maryland
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Animal & Avian Sciences
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Our studies seek to address two highly relevant questions pertaining to iron deficiency. (a) What
are the molecules and mechanisms involved in iron and thus heme absorption in humans? (b) Can we
identify a universal Achilles heel, for example a worm-specific heme transport system, for
helminthic infections, including hookworms that exacerbate iron deficiency, which can be used as a
potential drug target? These studies could provide novel insights into the interplay between
genetics and nutrition in human populations, identify interacting nutrient deficiencies with other
micronutrients such as copper or zinc, and aid in controlling disease susceptibilities. Our
eventual goal is to obtain a comprehensive view of the pathways which mediate heme homeostasis in
mammals that have heretofore remained elusive.