Meiqing Shi

Meiqing Shi
Assistant Professor
Organizational Unit
Assistant Professor
Meiqing Shi
University of Maryland
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Veterinary Medicine
8075 Greenmead Drive
College Park, Maryland 20742-3711
Phone (main): 301 314-1122
Fax: 301 314-6855


  • Intravascular immune responses to Cryptococcus neoformans and Trypanosoma brucei
  • Molecular mechanisms involved in brain invasion by C. neoformans and T. brucei
  • Dynamic interactions of immune cells with C. neoformans and T. brucei in the brain
  • Pulmonary immune responses to C. neoformans
  • Role of dendritic cells, T cells and cytokines in the immunopathogenesis of trypanosome infections