Hee-Jung Song

Hee-Jung Song
Associate Professor
Organizational Unit
Associate Professor
Hee-Jung Song
University of Maryland
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Nutrition & Food Science
0112 Skinner Building
4300 Chapel Lane
College Park, Maryland 20742-7521
Phone (main): 301 405-8898
Phone (alt): 301 405-4320
Fax: 301 314-3313


  • Developing, implementing and evaluating a behavioral, community-based nutrition intervention, which sought to modify the food environment for low-income African Americans in Baltimore
  • Intervention for the management of hypertension, community-based type II diabetes care and breast and cervical cancer control
  • To study how social, behavioral, environmental determinants influence health status and to develop sustainable nutrition intervention programs, particularly for underserved population including low-income family and children
  • Studying the relationship between food environment and diet related diseases and exploring its longitudinal changes are one of main research interests
  • The systematic translation of research findings into sustainable practice and dietary instrument validation