Loc Hoang

Loc K Hoang
Expertise: Network Management, TCP/IP Networks, Unix, Linux, OS-X, Windows, Firewalls
Office Location: 0300 Symons Hall
Organizational Unit
Loc K Hoang
University of Maryland
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Information & Education Technology
0300 Symons Hall
7998 Regents Drive
College Park, Maryland 20742-5551
Phone (main): 301 405-2476

Loc is now retired from the University of Maryland. He was the IT Director for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and has been employed as a Network Manager since 1988 with an expertise in Wide Area Network and Local Area Network. He provided network support for both on campus and 36 off-campus offices and maintained the integrity of Internet circuits and connections between remote offices and the University of Maryland campuses. Loc also  was in charge of the IT budget, provided daily technical support and maintained the integrity of the AGNR servers for the College faculty and staff. He extended his expertise on various areas: TCP/IP, Windows NT, T1/T3, ADSL, Frame relay and Fiber, Satellite bandwidth, Ascend/Cisco Routers and Switches, IBM Main frame, UNISYS Micro system, OS/VS/VMS, Unix, Linux, IMS/VMS, HTML, ACL, DB, Firewalls, Microsoft packages, most mail systems and other PC software and hardware. Loc coordinated the installation of Internet connections and equipment for all remote offices. He also assisted in the setup and guidance of all new computers and peripherals. In addition, he served as a DTR (Data Telecommunication Representative) for the College, for all telecom orders and issues (voice and data). Loc hold a BS in Computer Sciences - University of Paris, France and 2 years of Master graduated study in Business Administration - University of Liege, Belgium. He worked for Renault in France, Unisys headquarter in Pennsylvania, the State of New Jersey as network consultant, Revlon Health Care in Virginia as a DP Manager. Loc lives now with 2 children and his wife in Maryland. He enjoys traveling and listening to music. He plays drums and speaks 3 languages.