Kate Tully

Kate Tully
Assistant Professor
Organizational Unit
Assistant Professor
Kate Tully
University of Maryland
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Plant Science & Landscape Architecture
2108 Plant Sciences Building
4291 Fieldhouse Drive
College Park, Maryland 20742
Phone (main): 301-405-1469
Fax: 301 314-9308


  • Assess the sustainability of food production systems by examining their effects on interactions among plants, soils, carbon, nutrient, and water cycles in a changing climate.
  • Identify farm management strategies that can balance food production and environmental health.
  • Investigate sustainable agriculture strategies in developing countries where access to land, water, and inputs are limited.
  • Research focus on saltwater intrusion (the landward movement of saltwater from the ocean) and its consequences for both agriculture and the environment.
  • Research focus on how cover crops can promote efficient on-farm nutrient cycling, sequester carbon, and improve water quality