Neslihan Uler

Neslihan Uler
Assistant Professor
Organizational Unit
Assistant Professor
Neslihan Uler
University of Maryland
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Agricultural & Resource Economics
2200 Symons Hall
7998 Regents Drive
College Park, Maryland 20742-5535
Phone (main): 301 405-1273
Fax: 301 314-9091


  • Research interests lie at the intersection of Public Economics, Environmental Economics and Experimental Economics
  • In a controlled laboratory experiment, studies the effect of carbon offset markets on individual behavior and tests whether such markets can decrease carbon emissions
  • Examines whether output-sharing partnerships observed among common property users can eliminate or at least attenuate over-exploitation of common property resources
  • Studies whether competition among charities triggers new donations or shifts donations from one charity to another without increasing the charitable pie
  • Investigates the role of inequality, taxes and wasteful government spending on charitable donations