Siba Samal

Siba K Samal
Professor & Chair
Organizational Unit
Professor & Chair
Siba K Samal
University of Maryland
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Veterinary Medicine
8075 Greenmead Drive
College Park, Maryland 20742-3711
Phone (main): 301 314-6830
Phone (alt): 410 996-5280
Fax: 410 996-5281


  • Identification of molecular determinants of paramyxovirus virulence
  • Identification of the mechanisms of paramyxovirus pathogenesis
  • Molecular characterization of new and emerging avian paramyxoviruses
  • Engineering avian paramyxoviruses as vaccine vectors against animal and human pathogens
  • Development of safe and effective vaccines against Newcastle disease using reverse genetics system

Dr. Samal’s research is focused on molecular biology and pathogenesis of two economically important negative-strand RNA viruses, bovine respiratory syncytial virus and Newcastle disease virus. Recently developed reverse genetics techniques are used to manipulate the genome of these viruses and study the role of each gene of these viruses in pathogenesis and virulence. Research is also conducted to engineer these recombinant viruses for use as improved live virus vaccines and use as vaccine vectors to express protective antigens of other pathogens.