Byoung-Suk Kweon

Byoung-Suk Kweon
Associate Professor
Office Location: 2140 Plant Sciences Building
Organizational Unit
Associate Professor
Byoung-Suk Kweon
University of Maryland
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Plant Science & Landscape Architecture
2102 Plant Sciences Building
4291 Fieldhouse Drive
College Park, Maryland 20742
Phone (main): 301 405-4341
Phone (alt): 301 405-7795
Fax: 301 314-9308


  1. Environmental Behavior
    1. Conduct interdisciplinary research that involves understanding human–environment relationships
    2. Focus on questions of how natural and built environments influence people’s well-being
  1. Environment and Health
    1. Link between environmental risks/facilitators around public schools and their consequences on children’s school performance and health
  1. School and Children’s Environment
    1. Transform school grounds into outdoor learning environments
    2. Develop various ways to integrate school environments into school curriculum
  1. Landscape Performance
    1. Document environmental social, and economic benefits of landscape projects
    2. Calculate the effects of green schools on children’s learning and well-being
  1. Environmental Justice
    1. Study the distribution of vacant lots in Baltimore City
    2. Examine the distribution of parks among different racial groups