Step 1: Entering your Personal Information

Enter the information that will be used to match your request to your student record. The email address can either be your UMD address or another address at which you would prefer to be contacted.
Adviser: Choose your

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Step 2: Entering your Request Information

The Current Term is the term you are in now (i.e the term in which you are filling out the form). The Affected Term is the term for which you are making the request. Note that Section 3 (Request Details) will not show until

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Step 3: Entering the Request Details

Entering the Details of Your Request

The instructions needed for completing each type of request are provided in the Step 3 section of the online form and under the heading "What You Need to Do." The online form

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Step 4: Agreement and Form Submission

The final step is to read the submission agreement and, if you agree to its terms, check the Agreement box and click the Submit Request button.

You should receive an email from the system a short time later verifying

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